• Absolutely Love Them!

    I’ve tried possibility all vegan bars on the market and have always been put off by their taste, texture and calorie count. My search for the perfect ones ended after finding fodbods, I just cannot get over how good they taste! All this whilst providing over 15 grams of protein under 300 calories, it’s perfect in every way, the only trouble is trying to stop myself going through them very quickly!

    –Sharang G.

  • OMG - Absolutely Delicious!!

    These little treats are packed with protein , chocolates, minty , scrumptious- and really truly low FODMAP. It was hard to believe that I can snack on something that kinda reminds me of an Australian Mint Slice without suffering the pain, bloating, etc. etc. that comes with most protein bars. Try them - you’ll be glad you did.

    –Marie F

  • Tasty and filling

    Very tasty compared to other protein bars (and I tried many) and it is true that they don’t cause any gut issues. I use them as a healthy dessert at home or as a snack on the go.

    –Olga M