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Low FODMAP Foods to Relieve Constipation

When it comes to constipation, our guts’ best friend is fibre! Unfortunately, a lot of high fibre foods are also high in FODMAPs which makes it hard (literally) while undertaking the low FODMAP diet. In this blog post, we explain how and which type of fibre helps to keep our gut happy.

FODMAP Free Foods

The low FODMAP diet certainly has its challenges, including understanding the different portion sizes related to different foods. A great mindset is to focus on the things that you CAN eat, rather than what you can’t. If you are feeling overwhelmed trying to balance portion sizes, or are feeling extra hungry throughout the day, this blog post is for you!


Do protein bars upset your tummy?

That's because there are often sneaky FODMAPs hiding in them!

Protein bars are a great source of energy that is perfect for people on the go. Unfortunately, the market is quite saturated with them and not all are created equally - different textures, intriguing flavors, and extremely bold health claims. One thing they all seem to have in common is they're often high in FODMAPs. 


8 FODMAP Friendly Foods to Improve your Gut Health

Many factors, including the foods we eat, can impact our overall gut health. Unfortunately there is no magic formula to heal our gut overnight, however there are some FODMAP friendly foods that you can start incorporating into your diet to better support your gut health!