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What's in your protein bar that's causing your gut issues?

Protein bars are a great source of energy that is perfect for people on the go. 

If you're one of 20% of the population who has gut issues, you probably find that most protein bars leave you feeling sick or bloated. That's because nearly every bar on the market contains things like artificial sweeteners, emulsifiers and high FODMAP ingredients. 

Except for Fodbods! That's what makes us different – not only are our bars super healthy, unbelievably delicious, incredibly filling... you can trust that they won't give you tummy aches or bloating.

If you think you're intolerant to FODMAPs, here's what to look out for when choosing a protein bar:

“No Artificial Sugars”

This usually implies the product is sweetened with natural sugars like dates, honey, agave syrup, apple juice concentrate, high fructose corn syrup, etc. Whilst these natural sugars are often marketed as the healthier option, they're also high in Fructose or Fructans which can cause uncomfortable symptoms like abdominal pain, gas and bloating. 

high FODMAP ingredients found in protein bars


This usually implies the product has been artificially sweetened. Whilst great for our waistlines and blood sugar levels, some sweeteners are high FODMAP. Stevia is okay, but be mindful of the following sugar alcohols (and their sneaky additive numbers): Xylitol (965), Maltitol (967), Mannitol (421), Isomalt (953), Sorbitol (420), Lactilol (966), as they are all Polyols which are high FODMAP. 

high FODMAP ingredients found in protein bars

“High Fibre”

High-fiber foods are great for our gut health! However, some sources can cause discomfort. Watch out for chicory root fiber and inulin, which are high in Fructans and are often added to natural protein or muesli bars. 

high FODMAP ingredients found in protein bars

Watch out for high FODMAP proteins and nuts!

Most protein powders are fine but if you see whey protein or soy protein, make sure they're followed by the word "isolate" (this will keep your tummy happy!). 

Most nuts are also FODMAP friendly however try to avoid cashews and pistachios as these are high in Oligosaccharides.

high FODMAP ingredients found in protein bars


It's important to note that everyone’s guts and sensitivities are different. Some people are fine with Fructans, others not so much - the same goes with all of the other FODMAPs. After completing the FODMAP diet, you'll be able to recognize which ingredients you're okay with and which ones you're not. 

When in doubt, just keep an eye out for the green FODMAP Friendly and Blue Monash logos which means the product has been laboratory tested and certified low FODMAP!

Fun fact: Fodbods were the first certified FODMAP-friendly protein bar in Australia! 
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