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Celebrities get IBS too

Bloating, tummy aches, toilet troubles are all super common! In fact, nearly 50% of the population experience them – even celebrities! 

Digestive issues are not the most popular topic but they certainly should be when they affect so many people. Unfortunately the stigma around gut issues often leads people to suffer in silence and hold them back from seeking treatment.  

Contributing to the silent suffering is the general unawareness of how debilitating gut issues can be. The physical symptoms are one element, but gut issues are directly linked to other conditions such as tiredness, anxiety, depression (have you heard of the brain-gut connection?). 

At Fodbods we want to change this – encourage people to speak openly about their grumpy guts. Not only does this normalise a very common condition but it may prompt people who are suffering in silence to take action. In many situations, simple diet changes are all it takes – eliminating things like artificial sweeteners, emulsifiers, gluten and high FODMAP ingredients (the  FODMAP diet is still the most effective proven way to manage IBS symptoms, helping 75% of IBS sufferers).

It takes guts (excuse the pun) to speak out about tummy troubles and we want to give a shout out to these awesome celebrities who are helping to normalise the very common condition. Side note – many of them are big fans of Fodbods ;)

Millie Mackintosh

We love Millie – a super mum of two and former Made in Chelsea star. She was diagnosed with IBS after seeking treatment at the age of 18 when her pain and bloating was “really disrupting her life". She has since learnt to manage symptoms using diet, exercise and meditation and probiotics.

Alexandra Burke

The X Factor winner Alexandra recently opened up about her IBS, hoping to prompt other sufferers to seek treatment, rather than suffer in silence.  

She revealed on ITV's This Morning how debilitating IBS can be – saying it would cause "crippling" pain during her performances. As with many sufferers, IBS was something Alexandra was “too shy and too ashamed to speak of” which only made it harder. Her symptoms also led to a crippling anxiety over what she could eat.

Alexandra has calmed her IBS symptoms with diet changes, exercise, stress reduction and a probiotic.

Lucy Mecklenburgh

Another incredible mum and fitness star – Lucy has suffered from extreme bloating for 10 years, sharing a photo on Instagram with caption “I train 3-4 times a week I eat a healthy balanced diet & I get this most nights for probably 10 years! But I’ve never shared it with anyone maybe because i thought it looks bad as I have a health and fitness business and it didn’t make me a good advert for my business but actually I really wish I had as it doesn’t make me unfit or unhealthy it MAKES ME HUMAN!”. Her post received thousands of responses from people who c could relate – showing how common gut issues are and the need to shine a spotlight on them.  

Steph McGovern

IBS certainly can certainly hold people back in life, as the talented TV presenter and mum Steph McGovern has shown. Having suffered from IBS “for as long as she can remember”, Steph was forced to turn down an opportunity on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here because she was “scared [she’d] probable end up s***ing [herself]” as a result of the crazy jungle diet.

Steph has thankfully learnt how to manage her IBS symptoms with a combination of diet and probiotics. 

Maeve Madden

The beautiful Irish model Maeve Madden was one of the first people to speak openly about her gut issues, in an effort to normalise conversations around the topic. Maeve posted photos of her bloated tummy to show other women that it happens to everyone – even fitness founders like herself.

Maeve understands the importance of gut health and how it is linked to so many other conditions. She told Women's Fitness that she avoids foods she’s intolerant to, exercise, sleep, eating lots of fibre and probiotics.

Catherine Tyldesley

For anyone doubting the severity of IBS, Coronation Street and Strictly Come Dancing star Catherine Tyldesley told Top Sante that she has been admitted to hospital a few times with such bad stomach pain, which she compared to labour pain. It turned out to be IBS.

Catherine managed to get on top of her IBS symptoms through a combination of probiotics and diet – eliminating processed foods and dairy, as well as cutting down on gluten.

Malin Andersson

Ex-Love Island star and Author Malin Andersson shared of her struggles with on Instagram, posting a picture of her bloated stomach to Instagram. Malin developed IBS in her teenage years, when she “abused laxatives to empty out [her] body” while struggling with self image.

While IBS isn’t curable, as Malin states, she manages symptoms with diet, exercise and stress reduction.

Alexandra Cane

Former Love Island star Alexandra Cane received a lot of praise when she shared a candid photo of her bloated tummy – telling fans “Let it allhang baby!!!! YOU ARE NOT DEFINED BY YOUR BODY!”.

Like many IBS sufferers, Alexandra’s said her IBS symptoms are triggered by “REFINED SUGAR, STARCHY CARBS & ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!!! that her body is “unable to process”.

In summary

These are just a few of the brave people speaking candidly about their gut issues and we encourage others to do the same. No matter what the cause, gut issues are SO COMMON and often easily treated. No one should suffer in silence or let gut issues hold you back from enjoying life.

That’s why we created Fodbods – clean and simple, convenient and filling, digestible and delicious. The perfect snack that you can trust, something to get you through the day without tummy aches or bloating.   

We love hearing from our amazing community so if you'd like to share your experience with gut issues, please send us an message.

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